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Bebe Neuwirth's death (as an alien) in The Faculty

Bebe Neuwirth (1958 - )

Deaths in Film:[]

  • An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998;animated) [Annabelle/Belladonna]: Playing a dual role, "Belladonna" is frozen to death by "Annabelle", just as she is about to kill Ernest Borgnine and Charles Nelson Reilly.
  • The Faculty (1998) [Principal Drake]: Shot in the forehead by Josh Hartnett in the school gym. She briefly rises from the dead due to the alien parasites inside her, then collapses again (when the dehydrating drug is poured over her, causing her to rapidly decompose). Earlier in the movie, She was repeatedly stabbed in the chest with a scissor and killed by Piper Laurie (who was presumably killed already and turned into an alien herself) and become infected with alien parasites.