Barry Otto (1941 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Dressmaker (2015) [Percival Almanac]: Drowns in a patch of water in his back garden after his wife (Julia Blake) is too high on Judy Davis' hash brownies to cushion his hunched walking downhill, causing him to race through his house and fall. His body is seen when Hugo Weaving investigates. (Played for comic effect.)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Farscape: Coup By Clam (2002)  [Dr Tumii]: Dies (offscreen) of food poisoning, after Jonathan Hardy forcefeeds him a portion of qatal mollusk and leaves the rest to be eaten by wild animals; his death is not seen or mentioned, but given that the mollusks turn toxic if ever divided between different stomachs and Rygel leaves him strapped to his own operating tabble, Barry's death is virtually guaranteed.

Connections Edit

Father of Miranda Otto and Gracie Otto

Father-in-law of Peter O'Brien

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