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Barbara Bain in Skinheads

Barbara Bain (1931 - )

a.k.a. Barbara Monker

Film Deaths[]

  • Don't Go Near the Park (Curse of the Living Dead; Nightstalker; Sanctuary for Evil) (1981) [Patty a.k.a. Tra a.k.a. Petranella]: Torn apart by zombies after all her past victims come back to life; the scene ends as the zombies swarm over her. (Note: Although she is listed in the credits as "Barbara Monker" and is nearly unrecognizable beneath the make-up and eyepatch, director Lawrence D. Foldes states on the DVD's audio commentary that this is Barbara Bain, using a pseudonym because it was a non-union production.)
  • Skinheads (Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate) (1989) [Martha]: Throat slit by Lynna Hopwood outside Barbara's diner. (Thanks to Jamie)

TV Deaths[]

  • Goodnight, My Love (1972 TV) [Susan Lakely]: Shot to death in a movie theater. (Thanks to Jamie)

(Note: Numerous episodes of the TV series Mission Impossible featured scenes of Barbara staging her death as part of the assignments, though she always survived each episode; I just thought I'd mention it to be safe)

Notable Connections[]