Bad Country (2012)

Director: Chris Brinker Edit


In 1983 the Dixie Mafia seemingly controlled all organized crime in the south. That was until Baton Rouge police detective Bud Carter (Willem Dafoe) captures two brothers Jesse and Tommy Weiland (Matt Dillon & Christopher Denham), with Jesse being a reformed white supremacist turned contract killer. When Tommy dies in prison in a staged suicide, Bud convinces Jesse to turn informant in order to protect his wife and newborn son from meeting similar fates.


  1. The film was in post-production when director Chris Brinker died suddenly on February 8, 2013 Brinker was to be presented with the Robert Smalls Indie Vision Award at the 7th annual Beaufort, South Carolina International Film Festival in February 2013. As a result the film was not released until March 2014

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Female DeathsEdit


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