Backtrace (2018)

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  • The film was shot in 12 days (2, 6 day weeks) because the Producers, Emmett and Furla, were taking massive salaries and had no interest in making a real movie. They were shocked at the outcome of the completed film and thus began making movies on 10-12 day schedules that all bombed on VOD.
  • F- Investor Actress Meadow Williams was mostly cut out of the film in post production due to her lack of acting experience or capability. F- investor actress Meadow Williams bought her role in the film by playing producers Emmett/Furla and invested in the film "Boss Level" and later "10 Minutes Gone". Her role had to be mainly cut out due to her inability to act or even show up knowing any of her lines. Actors Modine and Guzman spent hours rehearsing Meadow Williams to try to teach her acting 101 but the gold digger who had conned a billionaire out of over $800 million had absolutely no skills or talent and was mostly cut from the final film.
  • Casting was done by Emmett Furla who engaged with various "Investor Actors" to finance the film.

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