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Back to The Future (1985)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Male Deaths[]

Female Deaths[]

Trivia []

  1. The script was rejected forty four times before it was finally green-lit.
  2. The film was banned in China mainland for a while because the notion of time travel "disrespects history". Although it was approved for DVD release.
  3. After the film's release, body kits were made for DeLoreans to make them look like the time machine.
  4. Lea Thompson was cast as Lorraine McFly because she had acted opposite Eric Stoltz, the original actor cast as Marty, in The Wild Life (1984).
  5. Christopher Lloyd stated that he always wanted to do one more movie, in which Marty and Doc Brown time-travel back to Ancient Rome.
  6. Crispin Glover claimed to have seen the film only once, shortly after its release. In contrast, Christopher Lloyd stated that when he occasionally stumbled across a Back to the Future film while channel surfing, he would often sit and watch it.
  7. Michael J. Fox was allowed by the producer of Family Ties (1982) to film this movie on the condition that he kept his full schedule on the television show, meaning no write-outs or missing episodes, and filmed most of the movie at night. He was not allowed to go on Back to the Future (1985) promotional tours.
  8. In 2010, during a cast reunion, Michael J. Fox said that strangers still call him "McFly!" constantly. Fox said that the most remarkable instance was when he was in a remote jungle in the South Asian country Bhutan, located between China and India in the eastern Himalayas. A group of Buddhist monks passed him and one of them looked at Fox and said, "Marty McFly!"