August Diehl in Inglourous Basterds

August Diehl (1976 - )

Films DeathsEdit

  • Love in Thoughts (2004) [Günther Scheller]: Shoots himself as part of a suicide pact with his bohemian friend they had sworn to fulfill should they lose the ability to feel love.
  • Kabale und Liebe (2005) [Ferdinand von Walter]: Kills himself and his love Luise Miller (Paula Kahlenberg) by drinking poisoned lemonade after falling victim to serveral intrigues.
  • Inglourious Basterds (2009) [Major Dieter Hellstrom]: Shot in the crotch, then stabbed repeatedly in the back of the head and neck, by Til Schweiger in the tavern. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Salt (2010) [Michael "Mike" Krause]: Shot in the chest by one of Daniel Olbrychski's men, as Angelina Jolie looks on helplessly. In the director's cut, he was tied and drowned while Angelina Jolie looks on helplessly.(Thanks to Danny and Tommy)
  • Allied (2016) [Hobar]: Shot in the forehead by Brad Pitt.
  • A Hidden Life (2019) [Franz Jägerstätter]: Executed by guillotine (off-screen), after refusing to fight for the Nazis.

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

Son of Hans Diehl
Mr. Julia Malik

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