Aubrey Plaza in 'Life After Beth

Aubrey Plaza (1984 - )

Deaths in Film

  • Life After Beth (2014) [Beth Slocum]: Poisoned after being bitten on the neck by a snake. She later comes back as a zombie and is shot in the head by Dane DeHaan, causing her body to roll down a hill.

Deaths in Television

  • Great Minds with Dan Harmon: Mary Wollstonecraft (2016) [Mary Wollstonecraft Clone]: Under goes total protoplasmic disconversion and turns to dust.
  • HarmonQuest: Manoa Prison Hole (2016) [Hawaiian Coffee]: Blows herself up to distract guards.
  • Legion (2017) [Lenny Busker]: Fused into a wall by Rachel Keller after she switches bodies with Dan Stevens and loses control of his powers. Lenny later reappears throughout the season as a form of The Shadow King.
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