Athena Karkanis in Repo! The Genetic Opera

Athena Karkanis (19?? - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) [Female Repo Victim]: Throat slit by Anthony Stewart Head, who then surgically removes her heart. (Note: Although the killer was Anthony's character, the audio commentary on the US DVD reveals that it was actually Terrance Zdunich standing in for him in this scene.)
  • Saw VI (2009) [Agent Lindsey Perez]: Violently stabbed seven times in the stomach with a small knife by Costas Mandylor, after he throws hot coffee in her face. He then burns her body along with Ginger Busch after dousing them with flammable liquid. (I had previously listed her as having died off-screen in Saw V, following her injury in Saw IV, but this movie reveals that the earlier report of her death was false.) (Thanks to Steve and Binky)

TV DeathsEdit


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