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Ashton Moio in 'The Hunger Games' (publicity photo)

Ashton Moio(19??-)

Film Deaths[]

T.V Deaths[]

  • Teen Wolf: A Novel Approach (2015)  [Donovan Donati]: After being made in a chimera and attacking Dylan O'Brien in the Beacon Hills High School parking lot, he pursues O'Brien into the school library to kill him but ultimately is killed by falling debris relinqueshed by O'Brien. From the debris of a rafter a steel rod impales him through the chest. His body is then taken by Ryan Kelley to the Nemeton, the blood and debris cleaned up minus minute traces of his blood. He remains unresurrected as Cody Christian who coerced him into attacking O'Brien selects certain deceased Chimeras to resurrect.


As a professional stunt performer, Ashton has probably "died" in place of other actors, though I don't know any specific examples.