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Ashley Scott (1977 - )


AShley Scott in A Killer Walks Among Us

Film Deaths:[]

  • Into The Blue (2005) [Amanda]: Dies of shock/blood loss, after being bitten by a shark earlier on.
  • A Killer Walks Among Us (2016) [Hathaway]: After being wounded with a pistol shot by Michael Welch during a fight with Eva LaRue Ashley is killed when she comes to and tries to pull the wounded Eva off of a ladder causing Michael to shoot her in the forehead.
  • Evil Remains (2004) [Sharon]: Stabbed from behind through the back by Jeff Galpin with pruning shears while she was talking with Estella Warren as they run from Jeff Galpin.

Television Deaths:[]

  • Fear Itself: The Circle (2009) [Lisa]: Killed by Johnathon Schaech after he is possessed by the darkness (Steve Dhillon) with their deaths repeated forever due to Victoria Pratt’s curse.
  • NCIS: Obsession (2010) [Dana Hutton]: Injected with ricin by Kerrie Keane.
  • UnREAL: Savior (2015) [Mary Newhouse]: Found dead after committed suicide from a fall on the roof of the mansion from the previous episode (Fly) (She was indeed alive prior to commit suicide when she got involved with drugs and depression).
  • The Flash: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three (2019) [Helena Kyle]: Disintegrated during the Anti-Matter destruction of her Earth. Ashley is resurrected off-screen in the new universe created by Stephen Amell and the seven Paragons in Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four.
  • Deadly Cheer Mom (2022) [Rebecca Daniels]: Struck with a bat by her daughter (Alexa Sutherland) when Ashley attempted to kill Tommi Rose.

Notable Connections[]

Ex-Mrs. Anthony Rhulen (producer)

Mrs. Steve Hart