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Arthur Darvill in Doctor Who: Cold Blood

Arthur Darvill (1982 - )

Television Deaths[]

  • Doctor Who: Amy's Choice (2010) [Rory Williams]: Dies in two different dream worlds: (1) Disintegrated by an alien eye's green breath, and (2) Killed along with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan when Matt deliberately activates the TARDIS's self-destruct sequence.
  • Doctor Who: Cold Blood (2010) [Rory Williams]: Shot with a laser weapon by Neve McIntosh, after he pushes Matt Smith out of the way. He dies while talking to Karen Gillan, before the crack in the universe erases him from history. He is later brought back to life as an Auton in the episode The Pandorica Opens, and once again becomes a flesh and blood being in the episode The Big Bang.
  • Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan (2012) [Rory Williams]: After being transported back to 1938 by the Weeping Angels, he dies of old age/natural causes in a hotel after the Angels transport him even further back in time. This death is prevented when Arthur and his wife (Karen Gillan) jump off the hotel's roof, creating a paradox that sends everyone back to the present, but he dies of old age/natural causes once again, along with Karen, when the Angels again send them back in time to live out the rest of their lives (their names appearing on a tombstone), creating a fixed point so that Matt Smith cannot go back and save them.