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Arte Johnson in Night Gallery: The Flip Side of Satan

Arte Johnson (1929 - 2019)

Film Deaths[]

None known.

TV Deaths[]

  • Night Gallery: The Flip Side of Satan (1971) [J.J. Wilson]: After murdering his manager wife with whom he'd been having a affair; egocentric disk jockey J.J. wilson finds himself in his next job a deserted radio station in the middle of nowhere! To his horror he finds he cannot turn off the only record avaialbe titled "The Flip Side of Satan". Electrocuted when he tries to turn off the power in the radio station; his body immediately disappears and is replaced with a photo on the wall of the station's "past employees."
  • Murder, She Wrote: No Laughing Murder (1987) [Phil Rinker]: Killed (off-screen) by George Furth. George later hangs the body, to make it look like suicide. His body is shown afterwards when Angela Lansbury discovers him.