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Arnold Vosloo in Hard Target

Arnold Vosloo (1962 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Steel Dawn (1987) [Makker]: Impaled on a spear attached to a desert vehicle while Arnold is jousting with Patrick Swayze in said transport.
  • Act of Piracy (1988) [Sean Stevens]: Killed in an explosion or burned to death when Gary Busey fires a flare gun at him.
  • Reason to Die (1990) [Wesley Wilson]: Shot repeatedly in the stomach with his own shotgun by Wings Hauser as Arnold attacks several cops.1
  • 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) [Guevara] Executed by having his neck slowly strangled.
  • Hard Target (1993) [Pik Van Cleaf]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Jean-Claude Van Damme at the end of a shoot-out in a warehouse.
  • Rough Draft (1998) [Stefan]: Stabbed in the stomach with his own knife by Gary Busey during a fight.
  • The Mummy (1999) [Imhotep]: Executed by being buried alive as part of a human sacrificial punishment (along with all his fellow priests). He later returns from the dead and after losing his immortality, he is stabbed in the stomach by Brendan Fraser, then falls into a pit of spirits. However, he was magically resurrected in the sequel.
  • The Mummy Returns (2001) [Imhotep]: Commits suicide by falling backwards into a pit of spirits after being abandoned by Patricia Velasquez.
  • Con Express (2002) [Anton Simeonov]: Killed when the avalanche causes the train he's on to crash.
  • Endangered Species (2003) [Warden]: Playing an alien, electrocuted when the alien (Saulis Siparis) shoots him on the neck with a taser. He dies shortly after talking to Eric Roberts.
  • Death Train (2006) [Lennart]: Accidentally shoots the pilot above him in a get-away helicopter while attempting to shoot Mathis Landwehr. Vosloo later jumps onto the copter (unaware of the damage he's inflicted) just as the shot pilot is succumbing to his wounds and both are blown up when the copter flips around crashing into part of the train.
  • Blood Diamond (2006) [Colonel Coetzee]: Shot several times in the chest by Leonardo DiCaprio during a firefight between Leonardo and Arnold's men.
  • Fire & Ice (Fire & Ice: The Dragon Chronicles) (2008) [King Augustin]: Stabbed in the back with a sword by Ovidiu Niculescu as Arnold is about to kill Razvan Vasilescu. His body is shown again later on when his daughter (Amy Acker) discovers him.
  • Superman/Shazam: The Return of Shazam (2010) [Black Adam]: Dies by aging rapidly after saying "Shazam" and turns into dust.
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011; animated) [Abin Sur]: Died sometime before the movie, as he only appears in flashbacks and Atrocitus (Bruce Thomas) warns him that death will come to him, but ignores him.
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) [Zartan]: Stabbed in the stomach when Lee Byung-hun throws a sword at him at the end of a fight, while Arnold is disguised as Jonathan Pryce; he transforms back to his true appearance after his death (since due to his nano-technology he might have survived I don’t know if this contributes as a death scene, so I thought I'd list this just in case). (Due to the dual-cast nature of this scene, I'm listing if for both Arnold and Jonathan.)
  • Odd Thomas (2013) [Tom Jedd]: Dies in a car crash after being too distracted flipping off a craze driver. He's spirit is seen by Anton Yelchin.

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