Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Running Man

Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947 - )

a.k.a. Arnold Strong

Governor of California (2003 - 2011)

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Running Man (1987) [Ben Richards]: Impaled on a spiked wall at the end of a fight with Jesse Ventura (This turns out to be a completely different anonymous character who had been digitally disguised as Arnold for the TV show. He survives the film in reality.)
  • Total Recall (1990) [Douglas Quaid / Hauser]: Playing a dual role as two personalities of the same man, "Douglas Quaid" suffocates to death on Mars after his spacesuit-helmet breaks in what turns out to be a nightmare; he survives the movie in reality. Additionally, his "Hauser" personality ceases to be when he chooses to be good.
  • Kindergarten Cop (1991) [Det. John Kimble] Shot from outside his window by Richard Tyson while sitting at his desk, however this turns out to be a dream sequence. (he survives the film in reality).
  • End of Days (1999) [Jericho Cane]: Commits suicide by impaling himself on the sword of an angel statue (after being possessed by Satan and struggling to fight his influence) in a church while Robin Tunney watches in horror.
  • Sabotage (2014) [John "Breacher" Wharton]: Presumably mortally wounded after being shot in the chest during a shootout; the movie ends with him sipping on a drink and smoking a cigar as police sirens can be heard in the background. (The Blu-ray also includes an alternate ending where he is shot repeatedly by Olivia Williams.)
  • Killing Gunther (2017) [Robert "Gunther" Bendik] Shot in the back twice by Taran Killam. The shooting triggers a dead man switch that sets off an explosive vest that kills Taran Killam. However, a mid-credits scene reveals that Arnold is still alive with no explanation of how he survived being shot in the back or the detonation of his explosive vest.
  • Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) [T-800/Carl]: Dies when he sets off a reactor in order to kill Gabriel Luna , sacrificing himself in the process. 

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