Ariyon Bakare (1971 -)

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Ariyon Bakare in Life

Film DeathsEdit

  • Life (2017) [Hugh Darry]: Dies of his wounds after the alien feeds off his leg.  

TV Deaths Edit

  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: Chapter Seven - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (2015) [Stephen Black]: Shot in the back by John Heffernan after being unexpectedly teleported into Eddie Marsan's library. However, as a result of Eddie and Bertie Cavel infusing him with England's magic, he returns from the dead shortly afterwards.
  • Good Omens: Saturday Morning Funtime (2019) [Duke Of Hell Ligur]: Playing a demon, Ariyon is melted when a bucket of holy water prepared by David Tennant lands on his head; for good measure, holy water destroys demons permanently, ensuring that Ariyon won't be able to return from death.
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