Ariana Grande (foreground) in Scream Queens: Pilot

Ariana Grande (1993 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Victorious: A Film by Dale Squires (2011) ["Monica"]: Collapses and dies after sharing a kiss with Avan Jogia, with implications being that she was somehow killed by Elizabeth Gillies (These events happen with an in-universe film; Ariana survives the actual episode)
  • Scream Queens: Pilot (2015) [Chanel #2]: Stabbed in the chest and back by the masked killer in her bedroom; she manages to crawl to her computer and write a post declaring that she's being attacked before she dies. Her body is shown again later on when Emma Roberts and the other sorority sisters discover her and decide to hide the body. (Her body is shown again during her funeral in the subsequent episode Beware of Young Girls.)

Music Video DeathsEdit

  • "One Last Time" (2015) [Herself]: Dies (off-screen) as a result of a comet destroying the Earth, sharing a final kiss with Matt Bennett before her demise.

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

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