Anuja Sathe's death in reality in Blackmail

Anuja Sathe

Deaths in Film[edit | edit source]

  • Blackmail (2018) [Prabha Ghatpande]: She dies twice in Irrfan Khan's imagination before her actual death - (1) Pushed down through stairs by Irrfan as he looses his anger after she blackmails him. (2) Irrfan pushes her against a large shelf in her apartment causing her to get hit in the back of her head, a big glass vase (which was on top of the shelf) falls on her head and then she falls on the floor as the shelf falls on top of her. Finally, some moments after Irrfan imagined her murder, she dies in reality exactly in the previously mentioned way, only this time, she slips accidentally on some bottle on the floor as she tries to stop Irrfan from leaving and and gets hit against the shelf herself, dying in Irrfan's imagined way. (Played for comic effect)

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