Antonie Kamerling in Soul Assassin

Antonie Kamerling (1966 - 2010)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Suite 16 (1995) [Chris]: Persumably killed (off-screen) by a hitman, shortly after the final scene; the movie ends with the hitman getting on the same bus as Antonie, so the implication of his fate is clear.
  • Soul Assassin (2001) [Karl Jorgensen Jr.]: Shot to death (off-screen) in a shoot-out with Nicholas Irons, Kristy Swanson and Skeet Ulrich in an abandoned windmill. His body is shown afterwards when Derek de Lint arrives and discovers him. (Thanks to Eric)

Noteworthy Connections Edit

  • Brother of Liesbeth Kamerling
  • Mr. Isa Hoes
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