Anthony Howell (1971-)

TV Deaths Edit

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Alien: Isolation (2014) [Christopher Samuels]: Playing an android, he is left damaged beyond repair by the APOLLO computer's defence system while trying to help Andrea Deck to interface with it; he sacrifices the remainder of his life to open the way for Andrea, and dies soon after while saying his farewells.
  • SOMA (2015) [Johan Ross]: Killed prior to the events of the game, presumably as a result of running out of oxygen while trying to ascend from the undersea abyss, as audio logs mention that Anthony was found brain-dead in the elevator. However, he is eventually brought back from the dead by the WAU as another one of the computer's mutant creations. He dies a second and final time when the Leviathan bursts out of the ground and eats him alive just as he is about to either kill Jared Zeus or force him to poison the WAU (dependent on player choice).
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