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Anthony Franciosa in Tenebrae

Anthony Franciosa (1928 - 2006)

Film Deaths[]

  • Rio Conchos (1964) [Juan Luis Rodriguez]: Killed by Richard Boone in a cantina in a fight over stolen rifles.
  • The Swinger (1966) [Ric Colby]: Killed in a head-on crash involving a motorcycle (driven by Ann-Margret ) and a police car (driven by him) in a "just-kidding" alternate ending. He survives the movie in reality.
  • Web of the Spider (Nella stretta morsa del ragno) (1971) [Alan Foster] Impaled on a metal rod on a fence.
  • Across 110th Street (1972) [Nick D'Salvio]: Shoved down the stairs by Paul Benjamin slamming a door open into him, making him fall down the stairs and smash his face through a window, resulting in shards of glass cutting up and getting stuck in his face. Benjamin then exits his apartment and guns him down for good measure.
  • Tenebre (1982) [Peter Neal]: Accidentally impaled through the stomach (and pinned to the wall) by a metal sculpture when Daria Nicolodi accidentally knocks it into him as he rushes towards her with an axe.
  • Zombie Death House (1987) [Vic Moretti]: Bitten on the throat by his brother (Michael Pataki) after Michael is infected by the zombie virus.


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