Annika Blendl (1981 - ) 
Annika Blendl-Bella Block S01E30 - Stich ins Herz2

Annika Blendl dead in Bella Block: Stich ins Herz

aka. Annika Greta Marthe Blendl

Film DeathsEdit

  • Die Jagd nach dem Bernsteinzimmer (The Hunt for the Amber Room) (2012) [Mila Marglund]: Killed in the explosion after entering the Amber Room as well as inadvertently initiating a self-destruct sequence.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Tatort: Veras Waffen (2003) [Ulrike Frank]: Killed in a staged car accident off-screen.
  • Der letzte Zeuge: Die Handschrift des Mörders (2007) [Carmen Kirow]: Presumably suffocated with a plastic bag. (Nudity Alert: Full frontal and rear) 
  • Bella Block: Stich ins Herz (2011) [Caroline Alberti]: Stabbed in her left breast with a chicken boning knife by Anna Schudt. Her body is shown again during police investigation. Her death was shown again in flashback. (Her character was pregnant)

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