Anne Haney in The Twilight Zone: The Toys of Caliban

Anne Haney (1934 - 2001)

TV DeathsEdit

  • The Twilight Zone: The Toys of Caliban (1986) [Mary Ross]: Killed when her son (David Greenlee) accidentally teleports her heart from her body after seeing a picture of a heart. Her body (a special effects dummy) is later seen when David transports it to the living room after seeing a picture of her.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Survivors (1989) [Rishon Uxbridge]: Killed off-screen along with all the other humans on Delta Rana IV when an alien race called the Husnock attacked laying waste to the planet. Her interactive character was a recreation of her by her husband (John Anderson) who was an alien entity of incredible power known as a Douwd. He discontinues the replica of Rishon after Patrick Stewart had figured out she wasn't real.


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