Annarita Grapputo (1954 -)


Annarita Grapputo in Fearless

Film Deaths Edit

  • Like Rabid Dogs (Come cani arrabbiati) (1976) [Silvia]: Shot to death after Luis La Torre accidentaly pulls the trigger of his shotgun while struggling with Paolo Carlini who was trying to wrestle the gun away from him to protect Silvia Spinozzi.
  • Fearless (Polizzio senza paura; Fatal Charm; Magnum Cop) (1977) [Annalyse von Straben]: Accidentally killed (off-screen) with an overdose of sedatives by the kidnappers in an attempt to keep her quiet; her body is shown afterwards when Maurizio Merli discovers her. (Note: neither the on-screen credits nor the IMDB specify who played "annalyse"; I'm assuming that it's Annarita based on her age and her prominent billing).
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