Anna Graves (1978 - )

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Bounty Hunters (2010; animated) [Rumi Paramita]: Killed by a cannon fire by Pikk Mukmuk (Voiced by Matt Lanter).
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lawless (2013) [Satine Kryze]: Stabbed in the chest with a darksaber by Darth Maul (voiced by Sam Witwer). Dies in Obi-Wan Kenobi's (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) arms.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Unknown (2014; animated) [Tiplar/Tiplee]: "Tiplar" is shot in the head(offscreen) by Clone Trooper Tup (Dee Bradley Baker). "Tiplee" lives! [Note: Although Tiplee survived, she later dies in the Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comic switch is based of 4 unproduced episodes of the series.]
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: An Old Friend (2014; animated) [Teckla Minnau]: Shot by Embo (voiced by Dave Filoni)!
  • Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Assault (2017; animated) [Cleat]: Shot down along with Duke (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.) by Vult Skerris (voiced by Mario Vernazza).
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