Anna Friel in Pushing Daisies: Pie-Lette

Anna Friel (1976 - )

Deaths in Film Edit

  • Timeline (2003) [Lady Claire]: Dies in the past of old age/natural causes. We only see her sarcophagus in which she lies with Gerard Butler as the rest of the team discovers when reading the inscription.
  • Having You (2013) [Anna]: Dies of Ovarian cancer off-camera, we last see her writing a goodbye letter to her son (Isaac Andrews) cutting to her offspring laying flowers on her grave.
  • Urban and the Shed Crew (2015) [Greta]: Dies of a heroin overdose (off-screen). We see her body afterwards.

Deaths in Television Edit

  • Tales from the Crypt: About Face (1996) [Angelica/Leah]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, they are simultaneously impaled with a metal staff by Anthony Andrews; he had only intended to kill "Leah," unaware that they are actually conjoined twins with a face on opposite sides of their head. (Thanks to Andrew)
  • Pushing Daisies: Pie-Lette (2007) [Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles]: Suffocated with a plastic bag by Jeff Wolfe on board a cruise ship; he then throws her body overboard. Her death is shown in flashback, and her body is shown lying in her coffin at the funeral home before Lee Pace brings her back to life by touching her cheek. (Being alive again, she has continued as a regular cast member in all subsequent episodes.) (Thanks to Eric)

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Anna Friel in Urban and the Shed Crew


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