Ann Savage dead in 'Detour'

Ann Savage in Detour

Ann Savage (1921 - 2008)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Detour (1945) [Vera]: Accidentally strangled to death by Tom Neal when she drunkenly locks herself in her hotel bedroom with the telephone extension cord around her neck then collapses on the bed, after threatening to call the police because Tom would not agree to cooperate with her plans to extort money from Edmund MacDonald's dying father. When Tom tries to disable the phone from the other room by pulling out the cord it chokes the already passed out Ann to death.
  • Renegade Girl (1946) [Jean Shelby]: Mortally shot in the chest by Chief Thundercloud during the final battle as Ann was attacking him on horseback in which she manages to fatally shoot him before succumbing to her wound. She dies shortly after while talking to Alan Curtis as he held her in his arms.
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