Angus Macfadyen in 5ive Days to Midnight

Angus Macfadyen (1963 - )

 Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Blackbeard (2006) [Blackbeard]: Killed by Mark Umbers. (Thanks to Vlabor)
  • Fatwa (2006) [Bobby]: Killed in an explosion when he rear-ends Roger Guenveur Smith's taxicab in an attempt to rescue Lauren Holly, inadvertantly detonating Roger's bomb. The explosion is represented by the scene fading to white just before the impact.
  • Redline (2007) [Michael D'Orazio]: Killed off camera by David Dayan Fisher's cohorts (although he is still alive as the film ends his fate is made clear)
  • Saw III (2006) [Jeff] He survived the Unrated and Theatrical Cut, In Director's Cut, He mangled off-camera when he fell into a giant gears.
  • Saw IV (2007) [Jeff]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Scott Patterson when Angus points a gun at Scott. (Thanks to ND, Vlabor, William, and Arben)
  • Impulse (2008) [Jonathan Dennison/Simon Phillips]: Playing a dual role, "Simon" is shot repeatedly by Willa Ford after Willa realizes that he's not "Jonathan." (Thanks to Cody)
  • Unnatural Causes (Clean Break) (2008) [Matt McKay]: Shot in the mouth by Tara Reid, while he's drunk who makes it look like suicide. (His body is seen several times throughout the film, with different versions of his death, with his murder shown in flashback as the film ends.)
  • Copperhead (2013) [Jee Hagadorn]: Commits suicide (off screen) by hanging himself after he mistakenly concludes that his act of arson caused his daughter's death. His body is later found by Augustus Prew.
  • 3022 (2019) [Richard Valin]: Suffocates after running out of oxygen in space (off-screen); he's last seen drifting off after Omar Epps fails to retrieve him.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (1995) [Richard Burton]: Dies of a cerebral hemorrhage.
  • 5ive Days to Midnight (2004) [Roy Bremmer]: Shot in the head by Randy Quaid while Angus is holding Kari Matchett hostage.
  • Killer Wave (2007) [John McAdams]: Killed in an explosion after Stephen McHattie self-destructs the control room they're in.
  • Chuck: Chuck Versus the Goodbye (2012) [Nicholas Quinn]: Shot by Yvonne Strahovski when he draws a gun on her and Zachary Levi.
  • Turn: Washington Spies (2017) [Robert Rogers]: Dies in the woods after having a coughing fit while trying to drink alcohol. He is shown on the floor dead right after having died of unspecific reasons. 


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