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Anguish (Spanish: Angustia) is a 1987 Spanish-produced horror film starring Zelda Rubinstein, Michael Lerner, Talia Paul, Angel Jove and Clara Pastor.


An ophthamologist John Pressman (Michael Lerner) under the control of his domineering Alice Pressman mother (Zelda Rubinstein), goes on a killing spree. However, it's all just a movie being shown in a theater...where a disturbed audience mamber obsessed with the film is carrying out his own killing spree.


  • Zelda Rubinstein - Alice Pressman, the Mother
  • Michael Lerner - John Pressman
  • Talia Paul - Patty
  • Angel Jove - The Killer
  • Clara Pastor - Linda
  • Isabel Garcia Lorca - Caroline
  • Nat Baker - Teaching Doctor
  • Edward Ledden - Doctor
  • Gustavo Gili - Student #1
  • Anotinio Reguir - Student #2
  • Joaquín Ribas - Student #3
  • Janet Porter - Labortary Nurse
  • Patrcia Manget - Nurse at Clinic #1
  • Merche Gascon - Nurse at Clinic #2
  • José M. Chucarro - Caroline's Boyfriend
  • Steven Brown - SWAT Man
  • John Garcia - Policer Officer
  • Marc Auba - Jack
  • Michael Chandler - Projectionist
  • Fiacre O'Rafferty - Projectionist
  • Craig Hill - Doctor at Hospital

List of Deaths[]

  • Caroline Isabel Garcia Lorca [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Caroline's Boyfriend José M. Chucarro [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Student 2 Anotonio Reguir [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Laura Georgie Pinkley [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Sleepy Víctor Guillén [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Ticket Girl Tatiana Thauve [New Movie] The Killer
  • Concession Girl Joy Blackburn [New Movie] The Killer
  • Bathroom Rosemika Evelyn Rosemika [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Concession Girl Josephine Borchaca [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Tricket Girl Antonella Murgia [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Patty's Father John Shelly [New Movie] The Killer
  • Patty's Mother Maria Ricard [New Movie] The Killer
  • Student 1 Gustavo Gili [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Moe Javir Durán [New Movie] The Killer
  • First Murder Randall Stewart [New Movie] The Killer
  • Chicano Mingo Ràfols [New Movie] The Killer
  • The Killer Angel Jove [New Movie] SWAT Man
  • Alice Pressman, the Mother Zelda Rubinstein [Old Movie] John Pressman
  • Linda Clara Pastor [New Movie] John Pressman
  • Patty Talia Paul [New Movie] John Pressman

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