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Angie Dickinson in Dressed to Kill

Angie Dickinson (1931 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Gun the Man Down (Arizona Mission) (1956) [Janice]: Shot by Robert J. Wilke; she dies in James Arness' arms shortly afterwards.
  • China Gate (1957) [Lea "Lucky Legs"]: Killed in an explosion when she sets off a charge to destroy Lee Van Cleef's munitions dump.
  • The Killers (1964) [Sheila Farr]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Lee Marvin after he shoots Ronald Reagan in Ronald & Angie's house; we only see a close-up of Lee as we hear the shot and the sound of her body falling.
  • Big Bad Mama (1974) [Wilma McClatchie]: Mortally wounded in a shoot-out with police, she dies while riding in the getaway car with her daughters. (Note: the 1987 sequel retroactively revealed that she actually survived her wounds, but there's little doubt that the original filmmakers intended this as a death scene.)
  • Dressed to Kill (1980) [Kate Miller]: Slashed to death with a straight razor by Michael Caine in an elevator; she dies after the elevator door opens and Nancy Allen discovers her.
  • Treacherous Crossing (1992) [Beverly Thomas]: Pushed off of the upper deck of an ocean liner (landing on the deck below) by Joseph Bottoms, who had mistaken her for Lindsay Wagner.
  • Wild Palms (1993) [Josie Ito]: Eyes gouged out and shot in the chest by Nick Mancuso.
  • The Maddening (1995) [Georgina Scudder]: Shot in the stomach by Burt Reynolds, who had mistaken her for the ghost of his father (William Hickey).
  • Deep Family Secrets (1997) [Renee Chadway]: Shot to death by Richard Crenna, who then sets the boat on fire to cover up the cause of death.

Television Deaths[]

  • Mike Hammer: Letter Edged In Blackmail (1958) [Lucille Hart] Stabbed with a knife thrown by Herbert Rudley, after Angie shoots Herbert.
  • The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Captive Audience (1962) [Janet West/Janet Waverly]: Shot in the back of the head (off-screen) by James Mason; her body is shown slumped over a chessboard afterwards.
  • Ghost Story: Creatures of the Canyon (1972) [Carol Finney]: Killed by Charlie the pet dog who is possessed by the spirit of the husband's Doberman.
  • Joys (1976 TV) [Sergeant Suzanne 'Pepper' Anderson]: Killed by Johnny Carson. (I haven't seen this special, but I've read that every single guest-star was killed one by one by a mysterious figure who was ultimately revealed as Johnny.) (Played for comic effect.)


Notable Relatives[]

  • Ex-Mrs. Burt Bacharach (composer/singer/songwriter)