1. Angela Cartwright in 'Lost in Space-All That Glitters'

Angela Cartwright in Lost in Space: All That Glitters

Angela Cartwright (1952 - )

Film Deaths Edit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Lost in Space: All That Glitters (1966) [Penny Robinson]: When a Galactic Police Officer (Werner Klemperer) takes Angela's mother (June Lockhart) and sister (Marta Kristen) into custody Angela runs away to seek help from Jonathan Harris who had been stricken with the "Midas touch" by an alien neck ring that he could not remove so that everything he touched turned to platinum. When Angela grabs him to make him come with her she is turned into the metal. Later when the alien intelligence behind the rings power realizes Harris' grief over the lost child is genuine it releases him from its curse and restores Angela to life.

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