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Andy Samberg in 'Saturday Night Live; (April 14, 2007).'

Andy Samberg (1978 - )

Singer with the group The Lonely Island

Deaths in Film[]

  • Palm Springs (2020) [Nyles]: Given the time loop nature of the story, Andy dies several times both on screen and off, but ends up waking up with the day starting over. He indicates multiple (off screen) suicides. On screen deaths include various murders by J.K. Simmons, a car crash caused by Cristin Milioti, a plane crash caused by Cristin and several others. (Played for Comedic Effect)
  • America: The Motion Picture (2021) [Benedict "Cosby" Arnold] Shot in the head & Exploding by Blacksmith (Voice by Killer Mike) He Trying to Kill George Washington (voice by Channing Tatum)

Deaths in Television[]

  • Saturday Night Live (March 11, 2006) [Various Characters]: Stabbed to death by Will Forte and Seth Meyers when they think Samberg is the evil twin of Horatio Sanz. (Played for Comedic Effect)
  • Saturday Night Live (February 24, 2007) [Various Characters]: ''In the "Business Meeting" sketch, Andy is killed in an explosion, along with everyone else in Rainn Wilson's office, after Wilson gets a phone call that announces a bomb is in the office building. (Played for Comedic Effect)
  • Saturday Night Live (April 14, 2007) [Various Characters]: In the "Dear Sister" sketch, he is shot by Bill Hader with his own gun, yet manages to shoot Shia LaBeouf and Kristen Wiig multiple times following this fatal wound (Played for Comedic Effect, as are all of the following).
  • Saturday Night Live (April 12 2008) [Various Characters]: In the "Death by Chocolate" sketch, he is slashed to death (off screen) with a chainsaw by Ashton Kutcher, who is dressed as a chocolate bar. (We don't see him die, but it is heavily implied by the title and subject matter of the sketch)
  • Saturday Night Live (May 8, 2008) [Various Characters]: In "The Hero Song" sketch, Samberg is beaten to death by Jason Sudeikis after he attempts to stop Suedikis from mugging Amy Adams; we don't know if Samberg is actually dead, but he doesn't get up following the beating.
  • Saturday Night Live (January 31, 2009) [Various Characters]: In 'The Gun' sketch, he accidentally shoots himself (off screen) after catching a gun thrown by Steve Martin without realizing it during a football game several years before the sketch; his death is told as part of a documentary about the history of Martin's career.
  • Saturday Night Live (April 4 2009) [Various Characters]: In the "Like a Boss" sketch, Andy burns to death after turning into a jumbo jet and crashing into the sun in a song Andy sings to Seth Rogen as a performance review for what happens to him daily.
  • American Dad: Rapture's Delight (2009; animated) [Randy the Raptor/The Anti-Christ]: "The Anti Christ" is stabbed in the forehead with a cross by Jesus (voiced by Will Forte).
  • Saturday Night Live (December 19 2009) [Various Characters]: In the "Trizzle Wizzle" sketch, Andy is stabbed to death by either James Franco or one of the other cast members when the lights are turned off; since it's in the dark and Franco is the only survivor when the lights come back on, it's unclear if he stabbed Andy or not.
  • Saturday Night Live (November 19, 2011) [Various Characters]: In the "Seducing Through Chess" sketch, he's stabbed in the stomach by Jason Segel.
  • Seven Days in Hell (2015; TV Special) [Aaron Williams]: Hit in the head with a tennis racket at the end of a tennis match with Kit Harington; his body is seen next to Harington's when they're buried together in the same coffin. (Played for Comedic Effect)

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