Andy On (1976 - )

Andy On

Andy On in Invisible Target

Film DeathsEdit

Head Shot By Mr Potato

Andy On shooting himself in Invisible Target

  • New Police Story (San ging caat goo si) (2004) [Tin Tin Law]: Possibly dies after being accidentally shot by Daniel Wu
  • Triad Election (Election II) (Hak se wui: Yi wo wai kwai) (2006) [Lik]: Tied up then put into a duffel bag and thrown off a boat. The bag then sinks to the bottom of the ocean while Louis Koo and his men look on.
  • Invisible Target (Naam yi boon sik) (2007) [Ronin Tien Yeng-Yee]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself in the head rather than be arrested.  


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