Andy Mackenzie in MacGruber

Andy Mackenzie (19?? -)

Film Deaths Edit

  • MacGruber (2010) [Hoss Bender]: Hit by a truck and pinned against a dumpster after Will Forte rigs a broom against the gas pedal to send the truck towards Andy, while Andy is trying to shoot Will and Ryan Phillippe. (Played for comic effect.) (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Sushi Girl (2012) [Max]: Shot through the back of the head by Tony Todd on top of having been mortally wounded in a shootout with Mark Hamill.
  • Daylight's End (2016) [Reed]: Killed by the zombies (off-screen) when night falls after having been shot by Johnny Strong; we last see Andy screaming for Johnny not to leave him behind.

TV DeathsEdit

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