Andy Devine (1905 - 1977)


Andy Devine before his off-screen death in Midnight Mary

Film Deaths Edit

  • Noah's Ark (1928) [Uncredited Flood Extra]: Drowned in the great flood. (I haven't seen this movie but the IMDB's identification of his role gives away his fate.)
  • Midnight Mary (1933) [Samuel 'Sammy' Travers]: Shot to death (off-screen) in a drive-by shooting by Ricardo Cortez' thugs, while Andy is driving Franchot Tone's car (causing them to mistake Andy for Franchot). We learn of his death afterwards when Martha Sleeper informs Franchot.
  • When The Daltons Rode (1940) [Ozark]: Shot down in the street by George Bancroft. (Thanks to Brian)
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