Andrew Stevens (1955 - )


Andrew Stevens in Double Threat.


Film Deaths Edit

  • The Fury (1978) [Robin Sandza]: Falls to his death from a rooftop while his father (Kirk Douglas) tries to pull him up; Andrew dies in Amy Irving's arms shortly afterwards.
  • The Seduction (1982) [Derek]: Shot to death by Colleen Camp while Andrew is attempting to kill Morgan Fairchild. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Double Threat (1993) [Eric Cline]: Shot in the chest by Sally Kirkland when he rushes her, after he first attempts to shoot Sally and Sherrie Rose (not knowing that his gun contained blanks). his body is shown on a stretcher when Richard Lynch arrives at the scene, and Andrews death is then shown in a flashback when Richard tells Sally how he figured out what happened.
  • Body Chemistry III: Point of Seduction (1994) [Alan Clay]: Shot to death by Shari Shattuck on a tennis court, after he shoots Chick Bennera. We only see Shari firing; his body is not shown afterwards.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Topper (1979) [George Kirby]: Killed in a car crash (unless the remake changed the Kirby's cause of death) along with Kate Jackson; their ghosts appear to Jack Warden throughout the movie. (I haven't seen this version myself, but I'm familiar with the original story).
  • Silk Stalkings: Kid Stuff (1993) [Dr. Richard Wyman]: Shot in the chest by police after he points a gun at Elizabeth Burns.

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