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Scorpio's death

Andrew Robinson in Dirty Harry

Andrew Robinson (1942 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Dirty Harry (1971) [Charles Davis/The Scorpio Killer]: Shot to death with a .44 Magnum by Clint Eastwood beside a lake. (Thanks to Scott)
  • Charley Varrick (Kill Charley Varrick) (1973) [Harman Sullivan]: Beaten to death by Joe Don Baker in Andrew's trailer; his body is shown afterwards when Walter Matthau discovers him, and again when Joe Don opens a car trunk and discovers Andrew's body inside with a bomb. (Thanks to Scott)
  • The Drowning Pool (1975) [Pat Reavis]: Shot to death by a group of miners. (Thanks to Scott)
  • Hellraiser (1987) [Larry Cotton/Diguised Frank Cotton]: Flayed by Sean Chapman so that he can use Andrew's skin as a diguise, Sean's role being played by Andrew from then on. As such, Andrew dies again when "Frank" is torn to pieces by Doug Bradley's supernatural powers. (Thanks to Scott)
  • Shoot to Kill (Deadly Pursuit) (1988) [Harvey]: Drowned after falling from a ledge into the river when Clancy Brown forces him at gunpoint to lose his balance; his body is later seen when Sidney Poitier discovers him beneath the surface and pulls him out of the water. (Thanks to Scott)
  • Prime Target (1991) [Commissioner Garth]: Shot repeatedly by David Heavener.
  • Child's Play 3 (1991) [Sgt. Botnick]: Throat slit with a straight razor by Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif). (Thanks to Scott)
  • Trancers III (Trancers III: Deth Lives) (1992) [Colonel Daddy Muthah]: Shot to death by Tim Thomerson. (Thanks to Scott)
  • The Puppet Masters (1994) (Agent Hawthorne) Gunned down by by Federal Agents in a shootout
  • Running Woman (1998) [Captain Don Gibbs]: Electrocuted/killed in an explosion when his helicopter flies into the power lines while he's trying to shoot Theresa Russell. (Thanks to Scott)

TV Deaths[]