Andrea Riseborough in Welcome to the Punch

Andrea Riseborough (1981 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • W.E. (2011) [Wallis Simpson]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes; her death is mentioned in the on-screen text at the end of the movie.
  • Oblivion (2013) [Victoria]: (1) The original version of Andrea is revelaed to have died (off-screen), along with Tom Cruise, after they fly into an alien spaceship, and the aliens subsequently clone Tom and Andrea several times. (2) A clone of Andrea is disintegrated by a robotic drone as a clone of Tom attempts to save her. (3) Numerous clones of Andrea and Tom are destroyed when a clone of Tom detonates a bomb that destroys the alien spaceship. (Another clone of Andrea survives the film) (Thanks to Fleming)
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