Laing's death at the half Kanima formed Colton Haynes.

Andrea Laing (????) is a Jamaican actress born in the states. She is known for her work on Pitch Perfect 3 (2017), The Inspectors (2015) and Teen Wolf (2011). She began her fascination in the arts, dancing and singing to Madonna and Michael Jackson at an early age. Laing is an avid harmonica player and has an appreciation for working on projects internationally. She attended private school most of her life where she took part in chorus and live stage plays. She is known for her work as a sketch comedy artist and television host.

T.V DeathsEdit

  • Teen Wolf: Raving (2012) [Kara Simmons]: Stabbed in the throat by Colton Haynes' Kanima claws at the Beacon Hills warehouse situated rave she was working as a ticketeer at. Her murder was orchestrated by Stephen Lunsford as part of his overrall revenge plot against her graduate class of Beacon Hills High Schools Swim Team, from which she was a member.
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