Andrea Deck (1994 - )

TV Deaths Edit

Video Game Deaths Edit

  • Alien: Isolation (2014) [Amanda Ripley]: As the player character, she can be killed at various points throughout the game. She can be shot by crazed survivors, strangled or beaten to death by the Working Joe androids, bitten to death by the Xenomorph or impaled on its tail; late in the game, she can also be captured by a facehugger, resulting in her being impregnated by an alien embryo which will eventually burst out of her body and kill her (offscreen). However, the game canonically ends with Andrea surviving long enough to be rescued and ultimately die of old age/natural causes (see Elizabeth Inglis in Aliens).
  • SOMA (2015) [Ashley Hall/Sarah Lindwall]: Playing a dual role, both of Andrea's characters can die over the course of this game. Ashley Hall is badly injured in a car crash prior to the events of the game, ultimately suffocating to death due to blood accumulating in her lungs; as a result, she only appears in Jared Zeus's flashbacks and hallucinations. Sarah Lindwall, having been left immobile due to long-term starvation and only clinging to life thanks to machines, can also die if Jared chooses to honor her request to turn off her life suport and remain with her as she slowly expires. However, she presumably survives if Jared chooses to leave the life support active - and may very well do so forever if the WAU is able to reach her and alter her like its other victims. 
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