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Andres Garcia appearing in The Bermuda Triangle

Andrès Garcia (1941 - )

Movie DeathsEdit

  • Dance of Death (House of Evil; Macabre Serenade) (1968) [Charles Beasler]: Possibly burned to death (along with Julissa) after Boris Karloff seals off the exits in the burning basement; the movie ends with a shot of Boris in the burning basement. (This happened in the truncated version Dance of Death, the full version House of Evil/Macabre Serenade has Andres and Julissa escaping via the back of the waterwheel).
  • Bermuda: La fossa Maledetta (1978) [Andres Montoya]: Devoured by a shark when he tries to swim back to safety as Janet Agren watches in horror from the boat.

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