Anatol Yusef (1978 -)

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Anatol Yusef in Preacher:

Film Deaths Edit

  • None Known

TV Deaths Edit

  • Preacher: See (2016) [DeBlanc]:Beaten to death with bible by Joseph Gilgun. However, due to being an angel, Anatol returns to life.   
  • Preacher: Possibilities (2016) [DeBlanc]: Run over with a truck by Joseph Gilgun . However, due to being an angel, Anatol returns to life.
  • Preacher: Sundowner (2016) [DeBlance]: Killed multiple times in the episode by Juliana Potter, either being shot or beaten to death; at one point, he is also struck in the head with a meat clever as mercy killing by Tom Brooke.  However, due to being an angel he returns back to life on every single occasion - resulting in numerous previous bodies being left scattered around their hotel room.
  •  Preacher: Finish the Song (2016) [DeBlanc]: Shot in the forehead by Graham McTavish. Graham's guns are later revealed to possess magic capabilities which can permanently kill angels, thus ensuring that Anatol cannot return from the dead.
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