S4 Carrie Hudson (2)

Mulvoy Ten just before her stabbing by Mason Dye in his car.

Ana Mulvoy-Ten (1992 - )

English-Spanish actress. She is known for playing the character of Amber Millington on the British boarding school drama House of Anubis.

T.V DeathsEdit

  • Teen Wolf: I.E.D. (2014)  [Carrie Hudson]: Stabbed numerous times with a bladed lacrosse stick by Mason Dye, after having her hand amputated by his girlfriend Samantha Logan's thermal wire necklace, and being pursued across Beacon Hills High School grounds by her. The first stabbing administered by Dye is shown on screen and the rest are viewed by Linden Ashby and Dylan O'Brien in crime scene photographs. Her murder was an assassination by Logan and Dye as being a Beta werewolf belonging to Lily Mariye's pack she is on the second Benefactor Deadpool list of supernatural creatures. She was valued at $500,000.
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