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Amara Zaragoza in Alyce Kills

Amara Zaragoza (1980 - )

a.k.a. Tamara Feldman

Film Deaths[]

  • Alyce Kills (Alyce) (2011) [Carroll]: After accidentally being knocked from the top of a building by her best friend (Jade Dornfeld), Amara is later smothered to death in the hospital by Jade to keep her from telling the truth about what happened. Her body is shown in a later scene at her funeral service.

Television Deaths[]

  • Smallville: Skinwalker (2002) [Kyla Willowbrook]: Fatally wounded by shards of glass when she jumps through a window while in her wolf form; she dies in Tom Welling's arms shortly after changing back into her human form. (Thanks to Mario)