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Amanda Fuller (right) dead in Starry Eyes

Amanda Fuller (1984 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Whatever it Takes (1998) [April] Shot by Jimmie F. Skaggs.
  • Red White & Blue (2010) [Erica]: Stabbed in a fit of rage by Marc Senter in the room where he was keeping her bound and captive. Marc and his friends (Jon Michael Davis, Nick Ashy Holden and Patrick Crovo) place her in their car with the intention of driving her to a hospital, but she succumbs to her injuries before the car can take off. Her body is hacked to pieces (offscreen) for disposal and her body parts are shown onscreen, wrapped in duct tape, when Noah Taylor retrieves them as he tracks each of them down.
  • Starry Eyes (2014) [Tracy]: Bleeds to death when Alex Essoe forcibly kisses and bites her on the mouth.

Television Deaths[]

  • The Brittany Murphy Story (2014; TV film) [Brittany Murphy]: Dies of a combination of anemia, drug intoxication and pneumonia.

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster (1995) [Gabrielle]: Killed in an explosion from a bomb planted by Tim Curry that was intended to kill Brian Narelle (off-screen); her body is shown when her father (Robert Rothrock) discovers her. Depending on the player's actions, she can be brought back to life by Brian in one ending of the game.