Amanda Crew in Final Destination 3


Amanda Crew's death in Final Destination 3

Amanda Crew (1986 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Final Destination 3 (2006) [Julie Christensen]: Crushed to death when a piece of debris crashes through the side of the subway during the train crash; this turns out to be Mary Elizabeth Winstead's premonition, but it starts to come true just before the movie ends. (She also falls to hear death in the roller-coaster crash at the beginning of the movie, but this also turns out to be Mary's premonition, and is prevented when Amanda gets off the coaster. In the DVD's "Choose Their Fate" feature, by choosing "Map" in the subway scene, the movie ends with the subway crash, indicating that it's real and not a premonition.) (Thanks to Korey, Mike, Domikate, Gordon, Eric, and Aidan)
  • Isabelle (2018) [Larissa Kane]: Clinically dies after a miscarriage; she is resuscitated by hospital staff.

Music Video Deaths Edit

  • Rich White Girlz (2017) (Mansionz music video): Commits suicide (along with Meredith Hagner) by hanging herself.
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