Allison mack

Allison Mack in Smallville: Scare

Allison Mack (1982 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Smallville: Scare (2004) [Chloe Sullivan]: In a nightmare had by Kristin Kreuk due to being affected by a toxin, Kristin is in a room with several corpses that she covers, with Allison being one of them (also included were Jensen Ackles, Wendy Chmelauskas and Ben Odberg). (Allison survives the episode, of course.)
  • Smallville: Labyrinth (2007) [Chloe Sullivan]: In an alternate world in Tom Welling's mind when he is trapped there by a phantom, Allison is shot in the chest by two guards after drawing her gun on them; She dies while talking to Tom as he holds her. (Allison survives the episode, of course.)
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