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Allison Hayes (1930 - 1977)

Allison Hayes in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Film Deaths[]

  • Gunslinger (1956) [Erica Page]: Shot in the stomach by John Ireland to stop her shooting Beverly Garland.
  • The Disembodied (1957) [Tonda Metz]: Stabbed the stomach by another woman during Allison's ritual voodoo dance. (Thanks to Rodney)
  • The Undead (1957) [Livia]: Stabbed in the stomach by Richard Garland. her body turns into a cat shortly after her death.
  • Zombies of Mora Tau (The Dead That Walk) (1957) [Mona Harrison]: Killed (off-screen) by the zombies; her body is shown afterwards when Joel Ashley and Gregg Palmer discover her in the mausoleum, just before she comes back to life as a zombie herself. She crumbles to dust (along with all the other zombies) when the treasure is returned to the sea.
  • Attack of the 50 foot Woman (1958) [Nancy Fowler Archer]: Electrocuted by a power line explosion.
  • The Hypnotic Eye (1960) [Justine]: Commits suicide by throwing herself from the catwalk, after Jacques Bergerac is shot by Joe Partridge. (Allison’s face was covered with disfigured make-up for the final scene.)