Allira Jaques (right) with Tara Reid in Charlie's Farm


Allira Jaques being lifted right before being slammed onto the ground in Charlie's Farm


Allira Jaques' jaw being torn off in Charlie's Farm


Allira Jaques dead in Charlie's Farm

Allira Jaques (19?? - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Come and Get Me Off (2011) [Gemma]: Disemboweled and then has a length of her intestine shoved down her throat, choking her, while she screams "daddy". (This is what happens as best as I can tell, given the very extreme darkness of the movie.)
  • Charlie's Farm (2014) [Melanie]: Lifted and slammed into the ground by Nathan Jones. Nathan then reaches into Allira's mouth and slowly tears off her jaw and part of her throat as she struggles to get away.
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