Aliens 1986 Poster

Aliens 1986 poster

Aliens (1986)

Director: James Cameron

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Trivia Edit

  1. The word "fuck" is used 25 times in the film, 18 of them are spoken by Hudson.
  2. According to Bill Paxton, he improvised many of his lines including "Game over, man! Game over!"
  3. Lance Henriksen had privately pledged to quit acting if this part didn't work out for him after years of journeyman roles. It proved to be one of his most successful films.
  4. Sigourney Weaver had several notes for James Cameron after having read the script. However, Cameron praised her for never taking issue with the direction he wanted to take with the story. Her notes were all about how she felt Ripley should respond to her situations, which he was happy to accommodate.
  5. Bill Paxton continuously apologized to Carrie Henn throughout filming every time Hudson had to swear in front of her. Carrie later admitted that she didn't mind, mainly because she really didn't know what any of the words meant.
  6. Like most films, the movie wasn't shot in sequence. But for added realism, James Cameron filmed the scene where we first meet the Colonial Marines (one of the earliest scenes) last. This was so that the camaraderie of the Marines was realistic because the actors had spent months filming together.
  7. Michael Biehn got the call on a Friday night asking him to take over the role of Hicks and was in London to start filming on the following Monday. Coincidentally, the same situation happened to John Hurt when he was cast as Kane in Alien (1979), because another actor had to drop out.
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